Sunday, 20 January 2013

January Show & Tell

It may have been a smaller turn-out than usual, what with all the winter storm warnings and all, but those of us that did make it had a great time. The meeting was relaxed and unhurried, and it felt like we all just got a chance to be friends and chat about our hobby. That was probably my favourite meeting in three years. See you next month!


  1. Who did the modern quilt in browns.. the 4 sided shapes of 3 rows... that is awesome!
    Loved Caleb's stocking , why do the lights look so real?

    1. I did that quilt, Jackie. Had to find a pattern to show off that amazing line of fabric. Chandeliers laid out in brocade patterns. Tone on tone hibiscus. Beautiful colours. *Sigh* All set in fairy frost. *sigh* lol

      Caleb's stocking is embroidered. Maybe that's why they look real? Missed you at the meeting!

  2. the sandcastle quilt is amazing. I missed a great show and tell.