Thursday, 20 September 2012

September Show & Tell

It seems to me as though the hot summer really did tear most people away from their sewing machines! It was quality versus quantity last night at show and tell. What beautiful work, ladies. It's no wonder Show & Tell is the highlight of Guild meetings for many of us.

If a picture of your item from Show & Tell didn't make it onto the website, please don't be insulted. It just means that even though I have Sports Mode on my camera, you showed your quilts faster than a professional athlete, and I didn't get a good shot. Sorry!

CQA Challenge: How Far Can You Stitch?

Did you hear why Lauren put on her teacher face and threateningly waved around a ruler last night? Why were were asked to measure the perimeter of our quilts? Follow this link to find out the exact details:

I will be posting distance updates a few days after each guild meeting. I think we should keep this going on all year, and see exactly how far we can quilt. How far across the Island do you think we can make it? Don't forget to measure the perimeter (the length of all the sides added up) of your quilt before show and tell!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Welcome Back!

What a beautiful and hot, Hot, HOT summer! I don't know about you, but instead of gardening, I made a quilt of fruits and veggies, and to get through the hottest heat-wave, I quilted snowmen! You can expect to see the newsletter and show & tell photos a a day or two after the guild meeting. 

While you are patiently waiting for our website to get really interesting and filled with content, check out Elaine Quehl's website: . 

Elaine will be offering her Tree Collage workshop and sharing her Trunk Show with us next month. The workshop will be October 18th. $50 for members, and $55 for non-members. Bring your money to the September meeting.


Also, check out our member, Jackie White's blog. She's always up to something interesting, and posts quite regularly. Enjoy! 

Finally, go and look at a website that has piqued the interest of our Block of the Month ladies. 

See you Wednesday evening! 
Yours in quilting,
Hawberry Historian