Thursday, 18 October 2012

October Show & Tell

I did not add pictures of Elaine Quehl's quilts or slide show, so as not to violate her copyrights, or step on her toes in general. To appreciate her lovely quilts, head over to her website:

Here are the quilts shown by members last night. It certainly seems like we're headed back indoor to the sewing machines. There were many more quilts shown tonight than last month.


  1. Good job! And how sweet was your write up in the newsletter=)

  2. Dear Hawberry Historian,
    There is no problem posting photos of my quilts. They are all over the internet and I have no problem as long as my name is included with them. It's all good publicity.
    I very much enjoyed my visit to Manitoulin Island and the Island Quilters Guild.

  3. Great images, - I know how hard it is to take good photos as quilters 'flash' their items up and down!