Thursday, 20 September 2012

September Show & Tell

It seems to me as though the hot summer really did tear most people away from their sewing machines! It was quality versus quantity last night at show and tell. What beautiful work, ladies. It's no wonder Show & Tell is the highlight of Guild meetings for many of us.

If a picture of your item from Show & Tell didn't make it onto the website, please don't be insulted. It just means that even though I have Sports Mode on my camera, you showed your quilts faster than a professional athlete, and I didn't get a good shot. Sorry!


  1. It isn't as easy as it looks to take good photos. When I did it, I spoke up loudly when someone was too quick. It would be good to if we could get the quilter to tell a story about the quilt. It makes it much more interesting. I love this page.

  2. That is such a funny comment about the professional athlete.. I am going to chuckle all nite over that one. Can I add our blog to the CQA/ACC's blog roll? It would potentially mean more exposure to this blog.

    1. Add away! I have to familiarize myself with the blog program thing and find the 'follow' button to add to the blog.