Saturday, 3 March 2012

Historian's Message

Welcome to the test run of The Island Quilt Guild's potential blog. We hope that this will be a means to include our seasonal members year round, as well as a forum to exchange ideas, celebrate our finished projects from monthly Show & Tell, and post excerpts from our monthly newsletter.

Before whole-heartedly entering the world of Blogging, we will have a general membership vote. This sample post is only to show and explain what could be. Until a time that a vote has been taken, I will not be posting any photos of any members' work, except my own, again, as an example.

Here is some important information that I hope might answer some of your questions:
     ~ This website may be viewed by anyone. This has been suggested for ease of access, so that none of our members would have to sign up to other outside sites, such as Facebook, to access any content. Also, I have found inspiration from other Guilds' websites, and hope we could offer the same inspiration. One more plus, if you would like to show off a picture to your family or friends, they can easily view the photo on this site!
     ~ Comments may be made by anyone (again, this is so that nobody has to become a member of any specific site to leave comments), however, comments will not show up on the webpage until approved by myself. This means that all comments will first come to my email, and await my approval before being made public.
     ~ We will add a question to the history form that we fill out before Show & Tell, asking whether you give permission for a photo of your quilt to appear on our "Electronic Newsletter".
     ~ I don't know about you, but I am not photogenic, and get rather embarrassed when a bad picture of me shows up online. Therefore, all photos will be cropped so that only your quilt will be displayed, and not your windswept hair after a trying drive to town.

I really hope that you are a fan of this idea. You have two guild historians who are very excited about the possibilities of actually having something become of all of those "Please stand still!!!" photos. :-) If you have any questions, please email me, or post them as comments, or give me a call. My information is in the quild contact list.

Yours in quilting,
Next year's historian,
Melissa McDermid


  1. This is where comments will appear. :-) Nice, right?

  2. Well, I like it... lots of other guilds have their own websites and I do peruse them myself periodically, mostly looking for great ideas=)
    Good job.

  3. Susan McIlquham5 March 2012 at 14:49

    This is great, Melissa! The website looks wonderful. This gives us a way to see those "Show and Tell" offerings when we miss a meeting!

  4. I like the idea! And you've written a clear explanation as well. I too get ideas from other guilds and from bloggers. Thanks.
    Plus...I like the colours you've chosen!

  5. Thanks to Lauren for reminding me to check this out. Great job Melissa. I like the idea of a blog and this one is easy to access and navigate and, if we decide to go ahead with it, I think I would check it out regularly for inspiration.

  6. I love the idea of a blog. Great work...

  7. Good job Melissa. It would be lovely to have a web site from our Guild.

  8. Melissa: I am bookmarking this blog so I can go to it often. You are a great asset to our guild. thanks.